LCD Digital Speedometer

12000RPM LCD Digital Speedometer Odometer Tachometer 1-4 Cylinders Motorcycle

 Package includes: 
 1X Speedometer 
 1X Sensor 
 2X Magnetic steel 
 Working voltage : 8-18V 
 Rated voltage: DC 12V 
 Working temperature: -20 - +70℃ 
 Storage temperature: -30 - +80℃ 
 Digital display speed range: 0-199km/h (error +10%) 
 Needle display rpm range: 0-12000rpm (error +5%) 
 Digital display odo distance range: 0-99999.9km 
 Gear indicator: 1-6 
 Backlight: Blue 
 Installation diameter: 9cm 
 Height: 5.3cm 
 Cable Length: 12cm 
 Weight: 344g 


 Large anti -UV & Anti-glare LCD screen 
 All-in-one design with digital signal processing system 
 Using chip technology for most of the components 
 Multiple indicator functions as the L/R Turn Signal, High Beam, Position Lights, N Lights 
 High withstand voltage up to 100V 
 Waterproof & Anti-vibration 


 Fits for most motorcycle that is with 4 stroke, 2 / 4 Cylinders (default as 1 cylinder of the setting) 
* Please check the details of our listing before you buy to make sure it fits for your application 

* Notes: 
 No friction or contact between the hall probe and the magnet 
 Engine rotate speed comes from the ignition signal. The sensor wire is normally contacted with the positive side of the magnetor or directly wired on the rectifier 
 Oil Mass can be wired on the original sensor 
 Do NOT wired on the headlight if it had been modified as the HID Xenon light. Instead, connect it on the headlight control wiring