LCD DIGITAL LED Speedometer & odometer

Brand: KEGE

1. Liquid crystal digital display;
2. Oil level;
3. Tachometer (0-10000RPM);
4. Speedometer (0-199KM / H);
5. Odometer;
6. 7 backlight colors, free to switch;

Speedometer, maximum display 199.We can set KM/H and MPH.
Tachometer, maximum 10000 RPM.
Fuel gauge
Fuel gauge, two line (8-98) and three line (33-565).
Odometer, ODO and TRIP. The default display of ODO.
Adjusted colors
This meter is very practical and cool that can be adjusted by seven different colors.

Aluminum alloy shell 
Aluminum alloy shell and sealing design are more waterproof, dustproof, longer service life.

Type: Motorcycle modified meter
Material: Aluminum alloy
Quantity: 1pc
Item Color: Silver
Applicable model: 12v motorcycle
Item Size: 5.5*6.5*7.5cm / 2.2*2.6*2.9”
Net Weight: 270g / 9.5oz

Product Description
12V Universal Backlight LCD Digital Motorcycle Speedometer Tachometer Odometer Oil Level Gauge

Black wire to the positive electrode
Green wire to the negative electrode
Yellow and black wire to RPM signal
Blue and white wire to oil level gauge

Product material: electroplated iron (black) + glass surface
Product color: black shell
Product size: 74 x 68 x 68mm/2.91 x 2.68 x 2.68"
Product application: universal for 12V motorcycle

Function operation settings:
1. Backlight: press the button for 3 seconds to switch the backlight color when the odometer is in the ODO state;
2. Switch between KM/H and MPH: press and hold the button while do not release and then open the electric switch, the screen displays P0000, at this time the 0 on the ones place flashes; long press to jump to the tens place, short press and the tens place displays 1; and then long press to jump to the hundreds digit; short press 6 times and the hundreds digit displays 6; then long press to thousands digit, press 6 times and the thousands digit displays 6. At this time, the screen displays 00466 which means 46.6Hz, and 46.6Hz corresponds to 60KM/H. Short press to skip (this item does not need setting), then the screen displays 1001 which stands for 1001 KM/H, if you want to switch to MPH, press and hold the button for ones digit flashing, long press to switch to 1002, which means that it has been set to MPH. Short press to jump to the next item;
3. Set RPM cylinder: follow the above steps, short press the screen to display 2002 which indicates that it displays 2 cylinders (166Hz corresponds to 10*1000RPM/MIN), short press to skip, long press and the ones digit flashes, then press the ones digit 2 times switching to 4, and it has been switched to 4 cylinders (333Hz corresponds to 10*1000RPM/MIN), short press to jump to the next item;
4. Oil level meter setting: following the above steps, short press the screen and it displays 3002, indicating that this is a 2-line oil meter, short press and all settings have been saved and exit; long press and ones digit flashes, then long press and it displays 3003, indicating that it has been switched to 3-wire oil meter.